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We are a growing agency and therefore welcome opportunities to expand, not only as an Agency but more so as a team with like-minded goals. If you are interested in collaborating with us, we invite you to contact us so we can discuss the possibilities.

Real Estate Agency Collaborations:

Based in Italy and dedicated to foreign clientele, we are continually working to increase our international presence and network. If you are a Real estate agent or work with an agency that is interested in listing Tuscan properties and would like to collaborate with us, Please send us an email describing your agency. We work on a commission based agreement with other agencies.

Work with us:

Have you been dreaming about a new career or furthering your career within the Luxury Real Estate industry in the Florence area? Are you multi lingual and have a passion for Tuscany as well as other cultures? This may be the dream job for you. If interested, please send us your CV along side a letter telling us a little about yourself and why you chose us.


Are you in college and looking for real hands on experience in the world of luxury real estate? Do you have a passion Tuscany? This may be the perfect agency for your internship. Every year we welcome up to a few interns in our home and do our best to teach them not only how the industry functions but as well give them the opportunity to experience the career full on. We will even show you the tips and secrets of the industry. Interested in doing your internship with us, please send us a letter of interest describing a little about yourself and why you chose us.

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In order to truly understand our client’s intentions, we begin with an in-depth look into their needs, wishes, and criteria.

We believe a good relationship is a base that adds value to every purchase.

Whether they have always had their hearts set on a luxury villa in Italy or a quaint apartment in the center of a bustling Tuscan city like Florence, our portfolio reflects the

best houses for sale in Tuscany.