Wonderful Lucca, a city with an authentic medieval atmosphere, lies in a green valley to the north-west of Florence. Every narrow street of Lucca leads to the heart of the city, the marvellous Piazza dell’Anfiteatro with its unique elliptical shape, surrounded by gorgeous medieval buildings and historic houses. The enchanting beauty of the city is protected by its ancient walls preserved in its original state. One of the attractions of Lucca is walking, jogging, riding a bike or even having a picnic on its high and wide walls.Lucca gives opportunities to taste delicious Italian cuisine in incredible restaurants, famous all around Tuscany. The city life of Lucca is animated by numerous elegant boutiques and shops, cafes, bars and clubs. Lucca unites the medieval architecture with the modern style of fine living. Historic manors decorated by renowned designers, medieval castles perfectly preserved or luxury villas attract a lot of famous and wealthy people to stay in Lucca and enjoy its magic aura.