Borgo Mughetto - Charming Borgo for sale Cortona

Price Range: from 7M up

Cortona’s most defining feature is the 3,000-year old Etruscan walls that surround it, but it is also known for its medieval architecture, natural surroundings, and stately structures. This beautiful city, surrounded by numerous orchards and vineyards, is located in the province of Arezzo close to Umbria, just one hour by car from Florence.Most of the streets and buildings in Cortona date from Medieval times. The city is rich in history and cultural attractions. It is famous for the Cortona Mix Festival – movie, music, theatre and literature festival, Art Exhibitions and Antique markets.A luxury house in Cortona is an attractive investment if you want to own property that lets you enjoy the rich history, art, beautiful natural surroundings, and outdoor activities right from your doorstep. There are different types of luxury property in Cortona. You can choose to invest in a restored farmhouse, a historic country home, a luxury villa, a hamlet with its own hotel, a winery or a noble hillside villa. Many properties afford picturesque views of the countryside and the surrounding hills and mountains, so you are in for a relaxing retreat if you decide to live or spend holiday in your luxury home.