Each property selected by us has already been pre-selected and studied about its saleability, which allows each property to be purchased quickly, without any particular issues or any urban or legal problems.
However, a double check/dual diligence before proceeding with the final purchase is always recommended.

For this reason, we work with bilingual experts:

  • Bilingual surveyors and architects that are capable to check the state of the property and do a generic check of the facilities and urban planning compliance, to ensure that they respect all regulations and in compliance with the law.
  • Tax lawyers and specialized accountants for verification and legal support, strategies, and suggestions about the tax details, necessary taxes to pay, study of costs and a business plan in the case of company purchase.
  • Bilingual lawyers and public notaries that draft specialized contracts for the purchase (preliminary and final contracts) and who can also provide remote support possibly through the signing of a power of attorney.