Stunning Borgo with Castle in the nearby of Florence

Recently sold

Features and Amenities:

  • Location: Florence, Tuscan Countryside
  • Typology: Manor
  • Condition: to be completely restored
  • Number of buildings: 20+
  • Price Range: from 4M to 7M
  • Garden: yes
  • Pool: no
  • Olive Grove: yes, about 20 ha - 49.42 ha
  • Vineyard: yes, about 35 ha - 86.48 ha
  • Parking: yes
  • Private access road: yes, cypress lined avenue
  • Extra features: castle with charming views and interesting historical features and details (column, loggias, stone elements)

Florence, Tuscan Countryside

Description in Detail

Speechless. There are no words to describe the feeling when visiting this stunning estate. Positioned in the Florentine hills, this 12th century Borgo is strategically nestled in an enchanting, scenic location, while also being only 20 minutes from the heart of Florence.

At the core of this charming estate is the Castle sheltered by numerous trees. The whole property is comprised of various farms and farmhouses totaling around 9500 sq meters, as well as surrounding land of around 160 ha.

The Borgo is accessed through an avenue lined with trees. The Castle itself has an area of about 3254 sq meters spread out onto a few levels: the cellar, basement, ground floor, first floor, and second floor-attic. In addition, the tower has multiple levels as well.

The edifice dates back to the 12th century and has housed prestigious Florentine families since the Middle Ages. It offers strikingly picturesque views of the countryside, yet its beauty is not limited to the exterior. The historical interior showcases its value through various elements: columns, lodges, and other treasured decorative pieces in sandstone- a signature touch from the Renaissance.

Neighboring the castle there are two buildings: one of about 1100 sq meters, originally intended to be a wine cellar and warehouse, and another which is a private chapel with an adjacent annex for a total area of about 240 sq meters.

Connecting the Castle to the estate’s surrounding farms is a gravel road. Following this road, we find 9 more farmhouses totaling an additional 4800 sq meters. 35 ha of vineyards, 20 ha of olive groves, 63 ha of woodland, and 35 ha of luscious arable land and pasture surround the borgo.

The possibilities accompanying this property are endless. Due to its great potential in terms of renovation, it can prove to serve as a fruitful investment opportunity.

The complex needs substantial renovation work, however, with customization and modernization, it is the quintessential property to invest in for widespread hotel projects or luxury residences.

The layout and location make this gem of an estate a destination in itself: a convenient, yet exclusive spot in the rolling hills just a few kilometers from the city.

Current State and Condition

The complex needs substantial renovation work.

It is sold due to financial problems.

Utilities and Services

The Castle is heated partly with natural gas and partly with LPG.

There are A/C splitters in the area of the Castle formerly used as offices.

Most of the farmhouses aren’t equipped with any electric nor heating installations.

  • Heating: natural gas and LPG in the Castle, no installations in most of the farmhouses
  • Air conditioning: yes, in a part of the Castle
  • Solar panels: no

Potential Uses

The Borgo would be ideal for investors with widespread hotel projects or for big families so to turned it into a luxury residences.

Thank’s to its location and layout, it would become a destination in itself, once restored.


  • City: Florence

The estate is located in the first Florentine hills, at just 15 km distance from the city center

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